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The World of Katy....

What does go on inside my head??

10 November
External Services:
  • crazykaty@livejournal.com

Name: Katy Camfield
Age 17
Location Southampton, England


Colour Pink
Song Full Revolver- Undesided
Bands Undesided, Blink, NFG, Greenday, Lost Prophets, Taking Back Sunday
Film Finding Nemo/Love Actually
Tv Show Big Brother
Actor Hugh Grant
Actress Keira Knightly
Food Cauliflower cheese or salad
Place Anywhere with my boyfriend ♥

Billie Joe is sex ♥

Johnny Depp is Love

a thing called love, aladdin, alan chandler, all american rejects, angels, animals, as told by ginger, ashlee simpson, avid merrion, bambi, beat the bullies, big brother, blaggers, blink 182, bo selecta, bowling for soup, buddahs, busted, cameras, cauliflower cheese, charlie simpson, chat rooms, chewits, christmas, cinderella, colours, converse, creature comforts, daft punk, daisys, danny jones, david blaine, desperate house wives, disney, disney land, dougie poynter, dragons, drake and josh, drake bell, drinking, driving, eastenders, fairgrounds, fairy lights, family, fashion, finding nemo, friends, funeral for a friend, george clooney, greenday, harry judd, hey arnold, hugh grant, ian watkins, ice cream, ice hockey, ice skating, internet, james bourne, jeremy edwards, jessica simpson, journals, kasabian, keane, kfc, lemar, lewis reid, little britain, livestrong, lost prophets, love actually, magic, make up, malteasers, maroon 5, marylin manson, matt willis, mcdonalds, mcfly, me to you, mobile phones, monkeys, mtv, mulan, my chemical romance, my wife and kids, natasha bedingfield, neverland, new found glory, newlyweds, nikelodeon, pagan, paganism, pasta, paul chandler, paul nicholls, pepsi max, peter pan, phones, photographs, pink, pizza, pizza hut, placebo, reality tv, red hot chilli peppers, rooster, rugby, scissor sisters, shameless, skating, sleeping beauty, smash hits, smoking, snow, snow white, southern monkeys!!, stripy socks, sum 41, sunshine, surfing, the ashlee simpson show, the killers, the little mermaid, the office, the others, the thrills, the used, tigger, tinkerbell, tom fletcher, trouble, undesided, v, valentines day, voodoo, web designing, wicca, witchcraft, witches